Scratch Off Map Travel Original

Scratch Off Map Travel Original




Ever since its inception in 2009, the Scratch Map series has been one that has evolved time and time again. As well as special editions of the Scratch Map range, there also have been other iterations that are catered towards those that like to use their Scratch Map while on the move.

The Scratch Off Map Travel Original is the mobile version of the iconic Scratch Map Original.

Measuring 42 x 29.7 cm, the travel sized map is compact to be placed into a suitcase, but still large enough to garner the same information as to you would from a conventional Scratch Map.

Perfect for Scratch Map Enthusiasts

Although there are those who will be using a Scratch Map for the first time, others will have used a Scratch Map before are keen to try out more of the same.

The Scratch Map Travel Original is perfect for those who have received a Scratch Map in the past and are looking to add to their collection.

A Great Gift for Backpackers

When travelling lands afar, there’s nothing better than being able to document our travels along the way, be it blogging or social media.

However, there will be times when people are looking for something that’s not digital, such as a Polaroid picture, or in this instance a Scratch Off Map Travel Original.

Not only can budding travellers ensure that they’re able to document their travels in a fun and immersive way.

Perfect for Children That are Travelling

If you’re tired of children relying on tablets and handheld gamming to keep them entertained during long flight, then why not tempt them with the concept of a Scratch Off Map Travel Original.

As well as being able to find out about the country they are visiting, it also allows them to learn about other nearby countries.

Not only will the Scratch Off Map Travel Original provide more than enough entertainment on any long-haul flight, it could also pique their interest when it comes to travelling in the future.

The Scratch Off Map Travel Original is just one of the many Scratch Maps available. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Scratch Map that is inspired by music, or by culinary delights around the world, can offer the perfect Scratch Map in every instance.


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