Scratch off Map Backpacker Edition

Scratch off Map Backpacker Edition




The Scratch Map series has been gaining traction since its creation back in 2009. Since then, there have been several different versions of the Scratch Map series that cater to different tastes and uses.

Although the Scratch Maps released so far is perfect for recording travels around the world, the popularity of the series means fans have been crying out for a more transportable version of the Scratch Map.

Backpackers can now embrace the features of a Scratch Map in a smaller form factor thanks to the Scratch Map Backpacker, a Scratch Map design exclusively with travel in mind.

The travels of a backpacker can vary from person to person, and this has been considered within the latest iteration of the Scratch Map.

The Scratch Map Backpacker is made from plastic, laminate and coloured foil and measures 42 x 29.7cm.

As well as offering the same features as others within the Scratch Map range, such as scratching off the countries following a visit, there is also a blank map on the reverse of the Scratch Map that can be used as a planning tool when trekking the globe.

The Scratch Map Backpacker comes complete with a dry-wipe marker and a drawstring travel pouch, so should you need to make a quick note, or find out some information about a location nearby, then the map can be used as a moment’s notice.

Not Just for Backpackers

Although the Scratch Map Backpacker has been diagnosed with travellers in mind, this isn’t to say that the benefits of a Scratch Map Backpacker are limited to backpackers alone.

Foreign exchange students are often amazed at how different a culture can be and are keen to record their life-changing journeys, and the Scratch Map Backpacker can do this perfectly.

The Scratch Map Backpacker is also brilliant for younger children travelling abroad.

As well as being able to enjoy the immersive nature of the Scratch Map, children can make a list of things they would like to do when arriving at their destination.

The Scratch Map Backpacker is also a great stocking filler for the festive period, offering something that offers a little more practicality than chocolate or socks.

Even if you’re looking for a gift for the Scratch Map enthusiast, the Scratch Map Backpacker is the perfect addition to a popular and expanding collection.

The Scratch Map Backpacker is just an example of some of the fun and innovative gift available at GiftLab.

As well as being to offer gifts for all occasions, there’s also plenty of gifts that can inspire.

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