Scratch Off Map Capitals


Scratch Off Map Capitals




The Scratch Map series is a range of innovative and immersive maps that were introduced over a decade ago and are still being a pleasure to the masses in many ways.

Despite the amount of love the original Scratch Map series, people looking for innovative and fun gifts were crying out for more iterations of this iconic and original map.

The Scratch Map range is one that offers maps for all type of personalities.

As such, GiftLab is proud to present a sleek Scratch Map that not only offers a slew of information relating to the world in general but offers facts about the world’s capitals, such as populous and altitudes.

The map is manufactured using high-quality laminate, paper and coloured foil and measures 59.4 x 82.5 cm.

The sleek and professional matte black finish is soon awash with many different colours as facts are unveiled about the many capitals.

Ideal for People Who Love City Breaks

All the maps within the Scratch Map Range offer accurate and detailed information about the world while offering some additional facts surrounding a topic.

As the Scratch Map Capitals is focused on capital cities, it is ideal for those looking to visit some of the most popular cities in the world.

Regardless of whether the person you’re buying a gift for is looking to visit each capital city in a short amount of time or are taking a more relaxed approach, the Scratch Map Capital Cities edition will be robust enough to update and put on display for all to see.

Great for Teaching

Learning about capitals can be a little boring at   the time, but not with the Scratch Map Capitals edition.

Although the map will offer educational value, it also allows for an immersive and enjoyable journey that can be enjoyed from the comfort of the home.

It can be important for children to learn about capitals because it allows them to understand how different countries work when it comes to putting rules in place.

As well as finding out information about the capital cities themselves, children can also learn a lot about the different cultures and the reason behind different rules being enforced.

Children can also become familiar with some of the more complex issues surrounding capital cities, such as the reason why Africa has three capitals as opposed to one.

The Scratch Map Capital Cities edition is just one of the many Scratch Maps available at GiftLab.

As well as offering several versions of the Scratch Map, GiftLab is also able to provide a series of other fun and inspired gifts that will always make a personal connection.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration in relation to buying a gift, then why not visit the available selection at GiftLab.


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