Scratch off Map Chalk Edition

Scratch off Map Chalk Edition




There can be simple things that remind of us of good times. For some, it could be a particular movie, whereas others may listen to a certain song.

Chalkboards are something that are becoming rarer, and as such, we associate them with times gone by,

Of course, there are still many times when chalkboards are used, but it’s safe to assume that the conventional use of chalkboards are associated with the past.

This isn’t a bad thing, and in many ways, elements of the past have done a sterling job of inspiring some of today’s most beautiful land practical products.

The Scratch Map Chalks is a brilliant example of this. As well as detailing all the information you would expect to find on a map, its aesthetics call back to the classroom of yesteryear.

Don’t worry, you won’t get chalk on your cuffs with the Scratch Map Chalk, as it’s only the aesthetics that represent chalk.

The Scratch Map Chalk is made from laminate, paper and coloured foil and includes a chalkboard pen.

Measuring 59.4 x 82.5 cm, the Scratch Map Chalk allows users to find out more about the world around them, and the chalk pen can be used to add some notes.

Those concerned they will ruin their Scratch Map Chalk will be ruined need not worry, as it can simply be wiped away, although it’s advisable not to write on the foil itself.

The Scratch Map Chalk Charms Is So Many Ways

It’s not hard to see the appeals of the Scratch Map Chalk, Regardless of whether you’re looking for a fun but practical life for a lover of all things antique, or want to show a tutor some appreciation for he all their help, the Scratch Map Chalk can be the ideal gift.

It’s not only adults that get to enjoy the charm of a Scratch Map Chalk, as children also find the Scratch Map range a lot of fun.

There can be many reasons as to why children enjoy the Scratch Map so much. Sometimes it’s the quenching of their inquisitive nature, while others just like to see colours reveal themselves as each panel is scratched off.

Teenagers may be using the Scratch Map Chalk in different ways. The fact the Scratch Map Chalk us is included with a pen, there’s no harm in making some notes to help alleviate the pressures of studying.

The Scratch Map Chalk is just one of the many iterations of the iconic Scratch Map series available at GiftLab.

As well as offering different versions of the Scratch Map range, GiftLab can also many other inspired and thought-provoking gifts.


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