Scratch off Map Deluxe XL


Scratch off Map Deluxe XL




Have you given the gift of a Scratch Map before and want to up the ante with a larger version? Or maybe you’re purchasing a Scratch Map for the first time and want to ensure that the size does the talking.

The Scratch Map series has gained a lot of traction since its original iteration back in 2009, and since then there have been several versions of the Scratch Map that appeal to people from all walks of life.

Even those who have had no interest in maps in the past are left in bewilderment a map can offer, as well as looking great on any wall.

The Scratch Map Deluxe XL is crafted from paper, laminate and foil using high-grade materials in the United Kingdom.

The Scratch Map Deluxe XL measures 84 x 119 x 0.2 cm and countries are presented as a gold foil overlay.

As each section is scratched off, users of the Scratch Map Deluxe Xl unearth a series of facts, such as details about the Seven Summits as well as information that detail where the largest bodies of water sit.

An Excellent Education Tool

Just because a product is fun and immersive doesn’t mean that the Scratch Map Deluxe XL isn’t education.

Regardless of whether it’s a present for a teacher, or someone visiting University for the first time, the Scratch Map Deluxe XL is the perfect gift that looks great on a wall and helps them learn about the world around them gathers more information easily.

Create a Premium Bucket List with the Scratch Map Deluxe XL

As well as being great for keeping a record of journeys made, the Scratch Map Deluxe XL is also great when planning for different events.

Maybe the person you’re buying a gift for is a fan of comic and video game conventions? Or maybe you’re struggling to find a gift for a music enthusiast?

The Scratch Map Deluxe XL is great for all sorts of planning.

So, whether the person you’re buying for is keen to catch their favourite act on the road, or they’re looking to visit every theme park in the world, the Scratch Map Deluxe XL.

Create Memories with the Scratch Map Deluxe XL

Not only is the Scratch Map Deluxe XL a great way of immersing yourself in the many different cultures and variety the great wide world can offer, but it can also be the ideal gift for those that like creating memories.

Memories can come in many different forms, and while videos and pictures are the most commonly used way of achieving this, there are others that like to associate memories in other ways.

Examples of this can include ticket stubs and wrist bands, and the Scratch Map Deluxe XL can be another great way of creating a keepsake that will last for years to come.

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