Scratch off Map USA Landmarks


Scratch off Map USA Landmarks




The Scratch Map series is one that continues to flourish and expand, meeting the requirements of travellers, music lovers, backpackers and those who are just fascinated by what the world around them has to offer.

There have been several special editions of the Scratch Map series that focus on different aspects of the world or offer facts relating to the nature of the map.

For example, the Ed Sheeran Scratch Map offers a plethora of different facts about everyone’s favourite singer-songwriter, whereas the UK and Ireland edition focuses on areas closer to home.

This tradition is continued with the alluring and immersive Scratch Map USA Landmarks edition.

Although many maps in the Scratch Map series do a stellar job of delivering accurate information, there are instances where people need more information that state lines and capitals, which is where the Scratch Map USA Landmarks edition comes into play.

As well as detailing the basic information that any map would relay, the Scratch Map USA Landmarks edition offers a slew of information relating to the many historical landmarks scattered through the USA.

Maybe you’re searching for information about the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, a Georgic landmark with an interesting backstory?

Or maybe you’d like to explore the legendary Space Needle, an observation tower in Seattle that has undergone work to help tourists and visitors really enjoy their experience.

Regardless of whether you’re creating a bucket list, or you’re just looking for more fun and intimate way of recording visits to famous landmarks, the Scratch Map USA Landmarks is the ideal solution.

The Scratch Map USA Landmarks Edition is manufactured using paper, coloured foil and laminate.

Measuring 32.6 x 23.4 inches, the maps offer a vibrant green overlay set against a subtle blue background.

As each section of the map is scratched off, users can find out more information about famous locations within the vicinity.

It’s also an ideal educational tool for younger children. Rather than killing time with tablets and consoles, why not get the immersed with the many landmarks around during a trip to America.

If you’re looking to use the map close to home, then the aesthetics ensure that the Scratch Map USA Landmarks edition looks great in any home or office.

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The Scratch Map USA Landmarks edition is just one of many Scratch Maps available at GiftLab.

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