Jungle Spoon Slotted Spoon


Jungle Spoon Slotted Spoon


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The kitchen can be the perfect place for those looking for some relaxation, but when it comes to the festive period and dinner parties, it can also be very expensive.

Although many of will thrive on this stress, this doesn’t mean we can’t inject some fun along with the ways.

Whatever the seasons, it’s often the case that vegetables will be the main part of the meal, especially given the promotion of eating our five a day.

As such, it’s not usual to have several pans boiling at once preparing different types of veg but serving them can be time-consuming because of the draining process.

Similarly, those who enjoy cooking pasta for lights snacks and lunches may be looking for a utensil that allows them to serve up pasta quickly.

Sure, there are plenty of utensils that offer this feature, but not all of them have the inspired design of the Jungle Spoon

This leaf-shaped slotted serving utensil is made from premium plastic and BPA free. The Jungle Spoon measures 30 x 9.5 x 5cm and is resistant to boiling water, meaning it’s also safe for dishwashers.

As well as being a fun utensil for adults, it can also be a great tool for children who want to get involved in the cooking process.

Parents often worry that children are spending too much time on mobile devices, so the introduction of the Jungle Spoon can be perfect for injecting some fun into the kitchen.

Brilliant for Barbecues

Are you going to be serving coleslaw, pasta and salad at your next barbecue? The why not use the Jungle Spoon to give the event a tropical feel.

The Jungle Spoon can be used in many ways, making it the ideal utensil for the kitchen as well as serving food in the great outdoors.

The Jungle Spoon is just one of the many inspired and practical gifts available within the GiftLab range.

If you’re looking for a gift that makes the right statement, then why not search for some inspiration on the GiftLab website today.

A Great Utensil for Children

Due to the inquisitive nature of children, there will be times when children want to help in the kitchen. However, some parents are concerned that some of the utensils in the kitchen have the potential to cause harm.

GiftLab understands these concerns, which is why it has ensured that the unique range of kitchen utensils are safe for children and adults.

Regardless of whether you’re prepping for a dinner party, or just putting a small lunch together, children can obtain a real sense of opportunity with such a simple product.

The Jungle Spoon is just one of the many original and inspired kitchen utensils available from GiftLab If you’re looking for some inspiration for buying your next gift, then why not check out whats’ available at GiftLab today.

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