Splatypus Small Plastic Spatula

Splatypus Small Plastic Spatula


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How many times have you tried to grab breakfast before heading out the door, only to find that your favourite preserve is hard to reach?

Maybe you have children who can’t enough of their chocolate spread, and you’re looking for a viable way to ensure that children can reach every crook and cranny of the jar.

Spoons and knives can be effective to a point, but both come with their own restrictions. The size of a spoon can make it difficult to navigate, while knives can often only muster the minimum.

Worry no more, as the Splatypus is designed to get the most of peanut butter, jam and marmalade but ensuring you’re never having to go short.

No more will you need to make hard work out of obtaining the rest of the condiments from a har, as the Splatypus is constructed from premium silicone and measures 21 x 3 x 2 cm and can be used for both spreading and scraping.

As the name suggests, the utensil takes on the guise of everyone’s favourite semiaquatic mammal, the platypus.

Makes Light Work of Breakfast Time

As well as being ideal for getting the remnants from a jar, the Splatypus is much easier for breakfast.

No more tearing holes in toast or setting of a series of uncomfortable scraping sounds.

Simply introduce the Splatypus to the breakfast table to ensure that everyone can enjoy their breakfast without hindrance or disturbance.

Perfect for Children and the Elderly

As well as making life easier for everyone in general, the Splatypus can be ideal for children and the elderly, simply because of how easy it is to use.

Rather than having to pressure on a knife or spoon, the Splatypus effortlessly finds its way around the jar without having to struggle.

If you’re looking for the perfect present for grandparents or searching for a solution for children around the kitchen, then the Splatypus is a worthwhile addition to any kitchen.

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