Set In Stone – Stationery Set

Set In Stone – Stationery Set




GiftLab understands that no gift should be boring, regardless of what the occasion is.

Whether it’s socks or stationery, GiftLab has you covered in every instance, which is only further showcased with the luxurious and desirable Set in Stone Stationery Set.

The Set in Stone Stationery Set is just one of the many gifts available via GiftLab that offers practicality and originality in one package.

As well as a luxurious notebook that bears a marble design, the package also includes a metal ruler, two pencils, gold paper clips and drawing pins and a sticky note pad.

This makes it the perfect gift for many occasions, and its unique design ensures that those who receive the gift of a Set in Stone Stationery Set never bore of it.

A Great Gift for a New Job

Have you got a friend or relative that’s nervous about a new role? Then why not let them know you’re thinking of them with this Set in Stone Stationery Set?

Regardless of the role that needs to be carried out, there will always be a use for the Set in Stone Stationery Set, and the personalised and luxurious nature of the gift allows them to remember you when hitting the grindstone.

The Perfect Present for Students

When undertaking higher education, there can be a lot of factors to consider.

This can include finding accommodation, part-time work and ascertaining what times studies are.

Although there’s a lot to take into consideration, the Set in Stone Stationery Set can ensure that students always have some form of organisation to hand.

Even if students are staying closer to home during their higher education, there are no reasons as to why the Set in Stone Stationery Set can’t be beneficial when it comes to making their studies easier to manage.

The Perfect Complement for Home Offices

Searching for a gift for someone that works at home can be difficult, but this doesn’t mean its impossible.

The Set in Stone Stationery Set is great for the home office, regardless of how many times it’s used.

Those who operate from the confines of their home will find that regardless of whether they’re searching for paper clips, a ruler or a sticky note, there’s always one close to hand.

As well as being practical, the Set in Stone Stationery Set also looks amazing thanks to the unique finish of each piece of stationery.

The Set in Stone Stationery Set is just an example of some of the inspired and practical gifts available at GiftLab.

As well as several stationery options, there is an abundance of other gifts that are perfect for any event or occasion.

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