Stitch Up Cross Stitch Journal

Stitch Up Cross Stitch Journal




The personalisation of notebooks and exercise books has been around since the dawn of time.

Well, not quite, but you get the idea. As such it’s no surprise that the trend continues to thrive as much today as it did back in our school days.

However, instead of woodchip and Transformers, today’s offerings a little more inspired.

Nowadays, it’s all about showcasing our personality, and what better way to do this than with the Stich Up, a notebook that can be catered to any type of personality.

The Stich Up is a journal that can be customised using the classic cross-stitch approach, allowing for imagination to take flight with ease.

The Stich Up is an adult take of personalising a journal that contains 60 high-quality pages that can be used to take notes, write down lyrics or anything that seems relevant at the time.

The Stich Up journal is made from premium paper and card and comes complete with four needles and four yarn colours.

The dimensions of the Stich Up Journal are 1 x 16 x 22 cm making it small enough to take anywhere, but big enough to record memories and special events.

The Perfect Gift for School Children

Regardless of whether it’s the first day at primary school, or they’re facing secondary school for the first time, starting a new school can be worrying.

The Stitch Up journal allows children to relive their stress by creating their own personal covers, as well as having a reminder that you’re thinking of them.

A Fabulous Gift for Freelancers

Regardless of the sector, a freelancer operates in, there is often a requirement to take a lot of notes.

Of course, there are plenty of solutions available, but very few have the inspired and original look of the Stich Up journal.

The quality pages contained within the Stich Up journal make it ideal for freelancers who are always scurrying around for paper when working and ensures that the gift you use will be used in the long term.

A Perfect Present for Professionals

Of course, it’s not only those that operate on an independent basis that must contend with slews of note taking, as those in a managerial or teaching profession will find that despite the abundance of modern technology, but the paperwork is also still very much prevalent.

Fortunately, the Stich Up journal offers a unique design that will make the right impact as a gift as well as offering the practicality a modern-day professional is looking for.

The Stitch Up journal is just one of the many gift ideas available at GiftLab.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for original stationery or searching for a gift that allows someone to explore their creative side, GiftLab has the perfect gift for every occasion.

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