The Bucket (and Spade) List

The Bucket (and Spade) List




Given the information available to us, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are compiling a bucket list.

Although some people may have a clear direction when it comes to their perfect bucket list, others may be looking for some inspiration.

The great thing about bucket lists is that they can consist of anything, and one of the main reasons bucket lists are so popular is due to how fun they are.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a gift for someone that is keen to take advantage of every opportunity put before them, or searching for a present that will help people become more daring, then the Bucket (and Spade) list could be the gift for you.

The Bucket (and Spade) lists over 100 activities that can be tried, and those receiving the gift can simply scratch off their achievements as and when they’re carried out.

Not only does this offer more encouragement for those trying to move forward with goals, but it can also be a memorable keepsake to look back on.

If you’re always arguing with friends or family as to who has done what, then the Bucket (and Spade) list is for you.

Why not get one each and put each other to the test to see who can complete the 100 plus tasks first?

However, you use the Bucket (and Spade) list you can be confident that hours of fun will be had, and the finished result will look great on display, where it’s at home, in a dormitory or in the office.

The Bucket (and Spade) List is made from paper, laminate and gold oil and measures 61.5 x 43.5 x 0.02 cm and can be placed in the bedroom, in the living room or even in the fridge.

Wherever the Bucket (and Spade) list is placed, you can be sure that it will be a source of inspiration for many.

Don’t worry, this bucket list is about death-defying jumps or scary ziplines. Of course, if you want to introduce these activities, then feel free.

However, those with a lower fear threshold, they can be condiment that the activities on offer are a little less tasking and involved eating candy floss and creating a finger painting.

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