The Daily Grind


Lots of us enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day, but sometimes the good stuff can cost a small fortune.

In some instances, people just have the budget to be purchasing cold caffeine-based beverages every day, or just want something that can be used in the warmer months when a cup of hot coffee is just too much.

GiftLab can offer a series of gifts that allows people to experience new things, and the world of cold-brewed coffees is no different.

Despite there being a series of guides available online, there are still those who struggle with the concept of cold-brewed coffee and normally end up throwing the towel in.

If you’re looking for a gift for those looking for a cold variation of their caffeine kick, the Daily Grind could be the ideal solution.

The dimensions of the mason jar are 23.4 x 14.5 x 10.5 cm and the set includes a stainless-steel reusable filter as well as two lids.

This all-in-one cold-brew coffee set can hold up to 400ml of coffee, which is enough or two cups.

As well as being easy to use, using the Daily Grind on a regular basis ensures that you have more money in the pocket, as you’ll find that you’re able to create coffee that’s just as tasty at half the price.

Full instructions are included, and the mason jar can be used in the dishwasher, so you never have to contend with any complex cleaning regime.

Great for Those New to Cold Brewed Coffee

There are some that may shrug off how great cold brewed coffee is, often preferring to enjoy their preferred hot coffee instead.

If you’re keen to enforce how great cold-brewed coffee can be, then why not give the Daily Grind coffee set?

Those who must prepare the coffee themselves are more likely to try it, which can open them up to a brand-new world of taste sensation.

Perfect for Students

Is your child leaving home for the first time, but you want to ensure that they’re able to manage their finances when away?

The Daily Grind cold-brew coffee set ensures that students are never having to scramble around for change to pay for their caffeine kick, nor are they having to coned with high prices in some of the more affluent parts of the country.

The Daily Grind is just one of the many inspired gifts available from GiftLab. As well as having a gift in stock for all types of personalities, it also ensures that there is a perfect gift for that special occasion.



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