The Off Bits – Artbit

The Off Bits – Artbit


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Are you craving for the times when things were easier, such as playing with building blocks?

Just because the impact of the Internet means some toys have been taken out the limelight, GiftLab is once again able to offer a gift that offers a taste of nostalgia in the form of The Off Bits – Artbit.

Up to three different robots can be created with The Off Bits – Artbit, which is crafted from premium plastic and steel.

Don’t worry about having to have a series of gizmos and gadgets to hand when it comes to constructing your new robotic creation as each set comes complete with its own SuperTool.

There’s even a booklet included ensuring that the manufacturing process is much easier as a whole.

Proud of what you’ve managed to make? The when not use your online code to join with a mass of other Artbit creators and show off the creation you’ve managed to come up with.

An Ideal Activity for Children and Parents

Although it should be noted that there are some parts, the creation of the Artbit can be ideal when it comes to family bonding time.

As well as creating robots together, children and parents can also have a competition to see who can come up with the best design.

Mix with Other Off Bits for More Creations

Have you received an Off Bits kit in the past and want to try out some new mind-blowing creations? Don’t worry, as the Off Bits Artbit can be used with another set where the only limit is your imagination.

Unique Displays for Around the Home

We all know someone who would rather decorate the home with comic figurines and posters as opposed to ornaments and framed paintings.

As such, why not give the gift of the Artbit, something that only stays in tune with their geeky side but allows them something to display that is their own creation.

Take Some Time Out

If you’ve read all the books you can read, and you’re still feeling stressed, then maybe it’s time to try something different?

The Artbit can be the perfect way of taking some time out when the outside world becomes too much, and once you’re ready to face the masses, you can do so with a bang by showcasing your creation with other online users.

The Artbit is just one of several versions of the Odd Bits range that can all be mixed and matched, meaning that the only limits in place are your imagination

As well as offering several iterations of the iconic Off Bits range, GiftLab can also offer a series of other inspired gifts that are great for any type of celebration or event.

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