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Regardless of where we live, the word continues to be a fascination place. There’s always something new to discover, and more and more history is unearthed about our ancestors every day.

The Original Scratch Map

Maps have become a part of everyone’s life in one way or another, but there are some who are looking to take their travel memories to new heights and are therefore looking for gifts that can embody this, while still being practical.

The Scratch Map Original is the blueprint for the Scratch Map series, but this doesn’t mean it’s left out in the cold when it comes to purchasing a Scratch Map.

Some may have been charmed by other Scratch Maps in the series and want to add to their collection, whereas others may be using a Scratch Map for the first time and want to try out the original iteration.

Why a Scratch Map Original is a Fantastic Gift

It’s easy to assume that the gift of a map will only appeal to a few people, and if it related to a conventional map, then this may be the case.

The great thing about Scratch Maps is that each comes with its own charm and personality, so you can either collect the whole collection, or choose maps that suit your décor and interests.

The Original version of this scratchable map is an excellent entry point for those not familiar with the concept of scratch maps and can be used as a gift for almost anyone, regardless of the occasion.

The following is merely an overview of some of the way a Scratchable Map can be given as a gift.

The dimensions are 82.5 x 59.4 cm and has a luxurious white and gold finish.

The Ideal Gift for Budding Travellers

It stands to reason that those interested in travelling will fall in love with the concept of a Scratch Map, and it’s not hard to see why

The Scratch Map can be used to record travels around the world and can then be presented for all to see.

Photographs and videos are a great way of capturing memories, but a Scratch Map Original can be a great way of enhancing your travel knowledge, as there are several facts included about the countries.

Music Fans Can Plan Their Next Tour

Nothing’s more exciting than following your favourite act on the road, and what better way to record the experience than with a Scratch Map Original.

As each venue is visited, the corresponding country can be scratched off.

Similarly, those making plans to follow a group globally could use the Scratch Map Original to find out more about the countries they’re visiting and plan a route before leaving.

An Awesome Anniversary Present

It’s always nice to see couples celebrating their time together, and a Scratch Map Original can be the ideal anniversary gift.

Regardless of whether you’re remembering romantic holidays in Paris or reflecting on some the more unique trips you’ve made together; the Scratch Map Original is a unique way of showcasing your travels.

As well as being practical, the Scratch Map Original looks great around the home or the office making it a keepsake that can be enjoyed again and again

A Great Addition to Any Classroom

Depending on the subject being taught, the addition of a Scratch Map can be a great tool when educating children.

Although normal maps may be a little boring to younger children, the appeal of a scratch map will ensure they’re learning more about their countries in no time.

Scratching off the golden oil to unveil facts about different countries never gets boring. What’s more, the more the children are having, the more likely they are to retain the information.

Add a Unique Touch to the Home

Although there are many travellers who enjoy Scratch Maps, you don’t have to be an explorer to get joy from the Scratch Map Original.

The way the world is built has always been fascinating, and the vast history that details how countries were discovered can be enough to appreciate just how visually amazing a map really is.

The Scratch Map Original ups the ante a little more by offering a gold and white finish that looks wonderful on display, regardless of the size of the home or the décor.

If you’ve become bored with your current pictures and you’re looking for something that’s modern, then why not consider the use of a Scratch Map Original.

Brilliant for Setting Targets

Some may have a bucket list, whereas others may have countries that they want to visit before leaving the mortal coil.

Regardless of what your ambitions are, the use of the Scratch Map Original can be a great way of building confidence moving forward.

Considering volunteering and helping those less fortunate? A Scratch Map Original is a brilliant way of reminding yourself of the good you’ve done so far.

Similarly, you can be purchasing a Scratch Map Original for a fan of landmark, and each country can be scratched off as each landmark is visited. The possibilities really are endless.

If you’re interested to find out more about the Original Scratch Map, or just want to browse a vast selection of unique and innovative gifts, then why not visit GiftLab today.

The Original Scratch Map


The Original Scratch Map


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