Ta Da Tote Bag

Ta Da Tote Bag


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The fact that carrier bags can cost up to as much as 20p for each bag means that the modern-day shopper must find a way of reducing these costs.

Although not expensive initially, over the months we could be paying out more than we should just for the pleasure of advertising a brand.

Of course, this is easily remedied by reusing bags, but this can normally slip our minds when contending with so many other things.

Fortunately, GiftLab can offer a solution that’s novel and practical, as well as affordable.

As the name suggests, the Ta-Da Bag Dispenser operates with an element of magic. The design is inspired by that of a magician but instead of a rabbit, you’re presented with a plastic bag for your shopping.

What’s more, you no longer have to worry about stuffing a series of plastic bags into your back pocket, as the Ta-Da Dispenser takes care of all the legwork.

The Ta-Da Dispenser is manufactured using silicone, metal and polyester and measures 5.6 7.5 x 7.5 cm.

The Ta-Da Bag Dispenser doubles as a keyring, so it also ensures that regardless of the circumstances, you always have a carrier bag to hand.

Ideal for Dog Walkers Too

Although designed with plastic carrier bags in mind, there’s very little reason as to why the Ta-Da Bag Dispenser can’t be used to house waste bags.

This ensures that there are no awkward or embarrassing moments should your pet poop more than normal during their walk.

Protect the Environment Step by Step

Although there is a fun element of the Ta-Da Bag Dispenser, it’s also important to highlight the many benefits it offers.

As well as reducing costs during shopping trips, the use of the Ta-Da Dog Dispenser is also ideal when it comes to reducing the use of plastic.

The more we use a plastic bag, the fewer bags that will need to be manufactured, ensuring that the impact on the environment is reduced.

An Affordable Stocking Filler

Are you looking for fun and innovative gifts for Christmas stockings but don’t know where to start? T

Not only is the Ta-Da Bag Dispenser a fun and novel gift, but it’s also an affordable one. This means it can be bought on its own or mixed with other products of the GiftLab range to create the perfect stocking experience.

The Ta-Da Bag Dispenser is just an example of the many gifts and ideas available via GiftLab, ensuring that there’s a perfect gift for every type of celebration or occasion.

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