Wild Animal Washi Tape

Wild Animal Washi Tape




Finding inspiration around the home or office can be difficult, but this doesn’t mean that it should be impossible.

GiftLab understands that the more conventional approach to the world of stationery does little to ignite that creative flair.

Therefore, GiftLab ensures that although all its gifts are practical, there is always a hint of originality that sets it apart from other iterations.

Even tape dispensers are given a new lease of life in the world of gifts, thanks to the introduction of Wild Washi Tape.

These adorable and sturdy animals come in the guise of a zebra, giraffe or leopard. Don’t which one you prefer? Then why not take advantage of the affordable price and purchase all three?

Each animal is made from plywood and measures 10.4 x 18.4 x 6.2 cm.

The Wild Washi Tape Is Ideal for Creative Children

It’s safe to assume that children need little in the way of inspiration when making things and drawing, but this doesn’t mean that some inspiration isn’t welcome.

The Wild Washi Tape is the ideal companion for children that want to showcase their creative side while having a fun character to hand to help spur some inspiration.

Just as Good for Creative Adults

Just because the Wild Washi Tape is adored by children doesn’t mean that adults can’t get it on the action.

Some may be making professional gift cards and other paraphernalia, while others may use crafts as a respite from a busy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, the Wild Washi Tape is a fun and practical tape dispenser that is hard not to adore.

Perfect for Animal Lovers

The original design of the Wild Washi Tape means that even those that adore animals will fall in love with these plywood pets.

Regardless of whether you give one or all three, the Wild Washi Tape will simply by adored by those who love animals.

Regardless of whether they’re wrapping parcels or their own gifts, the Wild Washi Tape will always be on hand to ensure there are no struggles with sticky back plastic.

The Wild Washi Tape is just one of the many fun and inspired designs available when it comes to crat and gift wrapping ideas.

As well as being able to offer several forms of gift-wrapping ideas, there is also a vast selection of gifts that are perfect for every event, occasion and personality.

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Leopard, Giraffe, Zebra

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