Giving Children’s Parties an Original Spin

Giving Children’s Parties an Original Spin

The planning of a children’s party can be stressful, and in some instances, parents may feel like they’re just doing the same routine that’s been done so many times before.

With so many things to do when planning a child’s party, it’s easy to assume that there are very few options that allow us to offer something a little different when it comes to filling parties bags or finding gifts that are perfect for pass-the-parcel.

GiftLab understands the difficulties that many people face when looking for original and fun gifts for children’s parties, which is why it offers several gift ideas that are not only unique but, in some instances, can be educational as well. 

The following is just an example of some of the innovative and original gift ideas that can be used for parties for children of all ages.

Scratch Map Original Travel

The Scratch Map series has been popular since its initial introduction back in 2009 and has been popular with the masses ever since.

The Scratch Map Original Travel isn’t a novel or gimmick, it’s a fun gift that is not only affordable but can also be displayed in the child’s bedroom.

As well as being a fun and immersive way of learning about the world, there’s also something that can be cherished for years to come.

Finding exciting ways to educate children can be difficult at times, but the Scratch Map Original Travel ensures that it isn’t impossible.

The transportable nature of the Scratch Map means that children can take the map with them when leaving the house, allowing to catch up with some geography and record their latest adventures with ease.

Nessie Tale

Children love to read a book, but if they get so far and lose their place, then it’s understandable why some are dissuaded from reading.

Conventional bookmarks serve a purpose, but they don’t have the aesthetic and fun appeal of Nessie Tale, a fun and unique take on the classic bookmark design.

As well as being able to bookmark pages with ease, Nessie Tale also protrudes out of the book when it’s closed, recreating its pose from Loch Ness.

Don’t worry about Nessie Tale’s appearance, as here Nessie is depicted in toon form, making it an adorable addition to any child’s stationery.

Made from premium silicone, the Nessie Tale is available in three colours and is guaranteed to bring the fun back into reading, regardless of how old the child is.

Skyline Ruler

Almost every child will have used a rule at some point, and for the most part, have probably dismissed them.

Rulers are something that remains integral in a child’s education, so whatever options are available to make such utensils more appealing to a younger mind are always welcomes.

As the name implies, the Skyline Ruler is designed to make measuring more fun and appealing by offering an include of a picturesque skyline at the top of the ruler.

Measuring 20 x 6 cm, the Skyline Ruler offers three different iconic skylines to choose from, including the Statue of Liberty, the London Eye and the Eiffel Tower


The world of fairy tales continues to offer brilliant escapism for children. Not only do the reading of such books ensure that children are immersed in a fantasy land, but it also allows them to fine-tune their imagination and helps explore their creative side.

Geppetto is a pencil and sharpener set that emulates the nostalgia of classic stories such as “Pinocchio” while still being a practical solution for blunt pencils.

Manufactured using premium wood and plastic, Geppetto is a pencil sharpener with his own little personality that will appeal to children.  

Regardless of whether you’re looking for gifts that fit a fantasy themed party, or you’re looking to offer unique gifts with a nostalgic edge, the Geppetto could be what you’re looking for.

Matchstick Notelets

Whenever children are nearby, it’s always good to have a notepad to hand. Some may want to create a birthday list whereas others may want to showcase their latest creation.

Notelets could be considered a little boring for a children’s party, and in most instances, this would often be the case.

However, GiftLab doesn’t do boredom, so even the most basic of items are given an appealing overhaul to ensure they remain appealing to the masses.

Notelets are notes styled in the fashion of a matchbook that is easily transportable and can be used for a multitude of tasks, whether it’s swapping details about their favourite video games, or making a note of their favourite YouTube channels.

Matchstick Pencils

The only drawback of Matchstick Notelets is that they don’t come included with pencils. But fear not, as GiftLab has it covered once again with another fun take on a conventional design.

Matchstick Pencils are a perfect addition to the Matchstick Notelets making a fun pairing for all children’s parties.

These fun-induced pencils measure in at 10 x 8 x 8 x 08 cm are manufactured from wood, graphite and rubber.

The eraser is shaped like a match head which can only raise a smile when in use.

GiftLab is Perfect for Children’s Parties

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