Good Luck Gifts

If you’re looking for unique, cool and unusual good luck gifts you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes people go off to do something brave and scary, and being the good friend that you are, you want to wish them good luck. It could be off to travel the world, to a new job, new home, or any number of scenarios that require a little pat on the back before they disappear to re-tile the roof, climb a mountain, or change nappies forever. We’ve got plenty for leavers, leapers, movers and shakers, so all you have to do is choose from the below and cross your fingers for them.

Good luck gifts can be tricky. You don’t want to communicate to the recipient that they’re overshooting, but it’s also nice to prepare them for an unseen eventuality when they go off to do something particularly risky. Like travel the world, buy a new house, or, possibly the riskiest of all, get a new job and have to learn a whole new set of rules for individual office etiquette…

Whether you think an Adventure Journal might be just the thing for someone trekking off to see the world, or some snazzy sticky notes and animal print washi tape might cheer up a nervous newbie and their empty desk, we’ve got it all. Planters for new home living rooms, and Scratch Maps for hanging on the walls of any worthy playroom or office. Unfortunately we don’t have any four leaf clovers, rabbits feet, or other urban legend luck wizardry, but sometimes a nice Smartphone Projector is enough.

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