Green Fingered Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Green Fingered Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

You know how it is – your Dad’s birthday is coming around and you’ve literally trawled every book shop, food market and sports outlet to find something that he doesn’t already have. You can’t turn up empty handed, but equally you can’t buy him the same tie you’ve accidentally got him for the last two years in a row. Or maybe your boyfriend is one of those guys that buys everything he wants without even giving you a chance to look good and get it for him. Never fear – here’s Luckies’ guide to Green Fingered Gifts for Men Who Have Everything.

Garden Gifts for your Dad

If your dad is a bit of a whizz when it comes to gardening, give him the Herbert Garden Tool Set. A cute gardening gift set comprising of a spade and a trowel in the form of two outdoor companions. Shaped like gnomes, they’re bound to cheer up any flowerbed with their helping hands – perfect for tending those plant pots or window boxes.

If your pa runs an organised garden, give him the La Bella Garden Name Tags – not only will these Rocco style mini frames keep your seeds in their allotted space, they also add a bit of style to your greenhouse. Designed with a long stem to keep your plants upright, it’s the ideal gift for the Dad who’s got everything.

Garden Gifts for your Boyfriend

When your boyfriend boasts that he’s got green fingers but you doubt his abilities, put him to the test with this Rocket Planter – a cute gift for him that takes the hassle out of planting. Not only is it the perfect pot to plant easy growing plants like aloe, cacti or snake plants but they make it look like a space rocket taking off! What more encouragement does he need to make sure it grows?

If he’s still not convinced, try Rainmaker. This quirky gift for guys instantly transforms soft drinks bottles into watering cans with a difference – now when you pour the bottle upside down your plants are watered under a little fluffy rain cloud! It’s probably the ultimate gift for a green-fingered guy, and it’s so cute you’ll probably have trouble parting with it. Maybe you can share plant watering duties from now on?