Greetings Card Kit – Time to get creative

Greetings Card Kit – Time to get creative

Want to give your friends and family a more personalised card? Fed up of looking in card shops and feeling uninspired or even that the cards you buy don’t quite say what you want them to say? Don’t think that you are the most creative person in the world and worry that if you make something home-made it looks as if you are still four years old? Well we have the answer for you!

This absolutely gorgeous Greetings Card Kit from Luckies of London is perfect for anyone who wants to give their loved ones a card that is personal, unique and far more special than any shop bought card. It is also put together so it is easy to use and you can be creative without having to be ‘too’ creative!

The kit contains eight brown kraft cards and envelopes, a wooden stamp handle with four silicone stamps which you can interchange, and an ink pad. Each stamp has an original design so you can choose what you feel is most appropriate.

Perfect for any occasion, use this kit to either wish your nearest and dearest a Happy Birthday, anniversary or just to tell them you love them. Then you add a personal handwritten note, or if you want to you can add stickers or glitter. Be as creative as you want… Or go for the ‘less is more’ look, by just using the stamps and your own note. It comes in a beautiful presentation box so makes a great gift for anyone creative or who loves to craft their own cards or gift wrap.

Make the card that you wish you could find in the shops, with this incredibly clever kit. It also makes an amazing gift for the craft-lover in your life. If you can bear to part with it that is. If not then maybe buy two!