Hang! The Magnetic poster hanging system from GiftLab!

Hang! The Magnetic poster hanging system from GiftLab!

Luckies’ HANG! magnetic hanging systems are ideal for those who wish to commit Scratch Maps, posters and more to their walls. If you do wish to use the system to put your map on the wall, all you have to do is unroll it, catch it with the magnetic panels and place it on the surface. The system can hold anything up to A1 landscape, which makes it great for posters, wall art, landscapes and more as well as Scratch Maps.

What is HANG! made from?

The product is made from materials including polyester, neodymium and natural wood. It comes complete with four panels, six magnets and a polyester cord. The natural wood gives the system a stylish, elegant and timeless appearance which doesn’t shift attention away from the artwork that is showcasing. It is a valuable and dependable alternative to traditional poster frames and is designed and manufactured by a leading brand with a long history. Perhaps you have old wall art stored away in your loft or garage? If so, this system can help you rekindle your relationship with it and show it off to your friends and family members.

Is HANG! easy to set up?

You shouldn’t have any real problems with setting the system up. In fact, you can achieve this within just a few moments. You need to put the hanging strips at the top and bottom of your map or poster at either side. The embedded magnets will hold your artwork in place. When you have mounted it, you can hang it on the wall with the cord or fit it to the wall with the pre-screwed holes.

A slimmer, sleeker solution

The hanging frame has dimensions of 87.1 x 6.1 x 3.6 cm, fitting posters as much as 82.6cm wide. Many people aren’t so fond of the chunkier poster frames on the market, which means a large number of art fans are seeking out alternative methods for showing off their posters, maps and more. HANG! can provide the perfect solution for such requirements. The system can also fit portrait artworks up to size A0.

Who are Luckies?

The company behind the HANG! solution, Luckies, was first founded almost a decade-and-a-half ago. Over the years, the team has expanded to over 30, with the company selling gifts that are enjoyed by people across the world. All Luckies products are designed at the company’s London design studio, with each part of the process being carried out by the team.

Inspiring gadgets and gifts for all

Luckie’s are perhaps best known for their Scratch Map range of products, which provide a fun, innovative solution for those wishing to record their global travels in style. Luckies specialise in distinctive and often unusual gifts for him and her, travel gifts, gadgets, products for the home, stationery, maps and more. The Luckies design team take inspiration from a range of places, experiences and more to create exciting gadgets and gifts for all kinds of occasions.