Here’s our top picks for friends starting a new job

Here’s our top picks for friends starting a new job

Looking for new job gifts, and leaving presents for dear friends? Look no further!

Starting a new job can be hard. Even with all the excitement, the anticipation, and positivity of moving onward and upward and directly towards a brand new set of vending machines and an office chair where all the wheels work, it can still be hard.

If you know someone who’s got a new start looming, buying them a little something sweet, can really take the edge off.

Here are our top picks for a new job gifts, whatever the new job might be:

Brown Paper Bag
Goodbye crusty takeaway tupperwares. Goodbye meters of foil. Goodbye age inappropriate cartoon lunchbox their mum bought them for Christmas but is currently the only fully airtight food receptacle they own. Hello Luckies Brown Paper Bag, The Brown Paper Bag is the coolest way anyone can bring their lunch into work. Based on the timeless aesthetic of paper lunch bags America over, our bag is lined with Tyvek, wipe clean, and has a magnetic flip top to keep smells and temperature in (and out). We can’t be held responsible for how cool people think a microwave packet spag bol is, but you can at least help with the storage part.

City Notes
Everyone knows there’s nothing more dull than a muted, yellow post-it. They come in so many shapes and sizes now, there really is no excuse to be caught dead. Whether they’ve moved there, been there, or just really likes there; Our sticky notes come in the shape of the skylines of London, Paris and New York City. Have them dreaming of holidays, whilst still responsibly taking phone messages. Perfect.

DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
Everyone needs a little something for their desk. Just a little token, a little reminder that you’re there with them on those days when the clock is running backwards, and it’s their turn to empty the dishwasher. The DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy will not only hold all their necessary desk paraphernalia, but it comes with a water soluble pen, so you can write them a message for their first day. Draw a picture, a love heart, write an emergency get out phrase, just don’t embarrass them. We never said you should do that.