Holiday Dream Team: loveholidays and Scratch Maps

Holiday Dream Team: loveholidays and Scratch Maps

You might be looking for inspiration for places to visit, you may be hoping to find a few hidden gems in your chosen location, but let’s face it, you probably just enjoy staring at pictures of beaches while you’re meant to be working. Whatever the reason, we Brits love reading blogs about other people’s holidays, and the online travel specialists over at have been satisfying those urges with their new blogger campaign. Intrigued? Over to them…

When we see a Scratch Map, we see a story. Every place scratched off has a million memories; every still-foiled location represents a hope or a possibility. We wanted to hear some of the stories behind all those famous Scratch Maps, so, luckily for all you vacation voyeurs out there, that’s exactly what we did. got in touch with five exciting (and rather well-travelled, we have to say!) lifestyle bloggers, asking them to let us take a look into their holiday habits, using a Scratch Map to stir up some travel memories. From an excess of coconuts (yep!) to Christmas getaways (right, we’re officially feeling festive), we got an amazing view of the world through the eyes of these creative individuals. Prepare for some serious wanderlust…

Alice Rosie Allsop told us tales of quality not quantity, with 14 visits to France sprinkling her holiday history with family memories – but also giving her an urge to see more of the world! Alice is all about the research, but her blog post is also a must-read for anyone looking for a few life-hacks for taking more luggage away with you…

We didn’t mean to give Olivia Laura the holiday blues, but her commitment to holidaying at least once a year is something well worth sharing. When we asked her about her travel traditions, she wowed us (and her readers) with some great packing tips. Good luck with Mission: Disney, Olivia!

Alina from The Fairy Tale Pretty Picture really opened up her world to us with her ‘Five reasons to go abroad’ post, and, over at Fox on the Hunt, Georgina used her Scratch Map to highlight her true explorer’s spirit. Sorry for making you realise how much of the world is still left to see Georgina, but we can’t wait to read more as you work your way through that travel bucket list!

We’ve loved having Scratch Maps at the heart of our campaign – what a great source of inspiration for a little holiday reminiscing, and to stir up that wanderlust!


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