How To Frame a Scratch Map ® With Washi Tape

How To Frame a Scratch Map ® With Washi Tape

We’ve had so many people asking how to frame a Scratch Map posters, we thought we’d tell you about our alternative to finding the perfect frame – make your own! Now, don’t start thinking you need any tools – that would be TOO much effort… Saws, hammers and spirit levels are most definitely not necessary for this easy peasy, lemon squeezy method of framing a Scratch Map poster. It also has the added bonus of being totally personalised AND won’t damage your walls. Washi tape is all the rage right now (if you’re not aware of it’s cult like status in craft circles, you need to get with the Pinterest programme..) which means you’ll be able to find every colour, pattern and style washi tape you can imagine. Ready? Read on for our step by step guide to framing your Scratch Map® with washi tape.

1) First off, head to your nearest stationery store and pick your washi tape! Fancy a candy cane stripe framed Scratch Map on your wall? Easy. Minimal Black and White polka dots? We’ve seen just the washi tape. Neon pastels? Fear not, there will be a multitude of shades to choose from. In our demonstration we’ve gone for a wide zebra pattern horizontally, a jazzy jungle print vertically and a skinny turquoise all the way around the outside – all available from Paperchase.

2) You’ll also need a Scratch Map® if you don’t already have one. In this demo we have used Scratch Map Travel – but it will work just as well with any of our Scratch Map Range. Just bear in mind you might need a helping hand if you choose one of the bigger posters like Scratch Map® Deluxe or Scratch Map® Capitals.

3) Next, pick your spot. Luckily for you washi tape is essentially masking tape with a designer outfit on so it won’t mark your walls. It will stick best to a clean, dry painted wall out of direct sunlight so give a bit of thought to the shady spot above your desk – it deserves some love after all…. Give the wall a little clean with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry.

4) Get some scissors or a scalpel and cut 2 strips of washi tape that you want to go on a vertical part of your washi tape frame. If you’re going for the same tape all the way around, you know what to do… Cut the strips to be a couple of inches longer than the width of the Scratch Map poster. Stick one to the wall in reaching distance and then use the other to tape the right side of the Scratch Map map to the wall. Reach over, grab the other strip and repeat so both sides are firmly stuck, the washi tape is smooth and the Scratch Map poster is flat to the wall and perfectly straight.

5) Cut 2 strips of your next colour washi tape an inch or so longer than the length of the map. Match the edge of your horizontal washi tape to the edge of your vertical, and stick the washi tape down catching about a centimeter of the Scratch Map poster under the sticky washi tape. If you want to get fancy you can add multiple strips of washi tape, layered slightly off so you get a more 3D frame. We’ve also see a few examples of washi tape frames with perfectly mitred edges too if you want to get the protractor out!

6) Take the thinnest washi tape you have and tape around all 4 edges. You can choose to create a gap between the 2 types of tape, or even extend the tape up and add a square loop at each edge for a more graphic rococo style.

So there you have it – we’ve given you our basic style but the possibilities for making washi tape frames for your Scratch Map are endless. If you have a go we’ve love to see your designs so remember to tag @luckiesoflondon or use the hashtag #MyScratchMap so we see all your creativity!