How to wrap a gift this Xmas featuring Festive Gift wrap

How to wrap a gift this Xmas featuring Festive Gift wrap

Who loves wrapping Xmas gifts? Some people love an evening spent in front of the TV wrapping presents in front of a good Christmas film with a glass of mulled wine. For others it is their very idea of stressful holiday hell, which is why this year we’ve come to the rescue with our guide on how to wrap a gift this Xmas featuring Festive Gift wrap.

If you’re a bit of a wrapping klutz then you’ll know that feeling on Xmas eve when everyone puts their gifts under the tree and your Sister presents these magnificent presents that look they’ve been wrapped by Mr Selfridge’s personal gift wrapper.

There’s fancy paper with matching bows and hand made tags and curling ribbon. Whilst yours end up looking like they’ve been wrapped by a 5 year old, and the bow’s fallen off, and the corner is coming away so you can see what the gift is, meaning that your wrapping has failed in even it’s one fundamental purpose. Well, not this year! This year you’re going to wow with gifts shaped like festive figures from Santa Claus, a Snowman, a Reindeer and more! Here’s how to use our Festive Gift Wrap…

These work best when wrapping a box shaped gift. Start by laying the box face down on the gift wrap you’ve chosen from the pack and wrap the box with the present in. Here’s a handy tip: use double sided sticky tape and tape the paper to the box for added neatness!

Once you’ve got the present covered, choose the eyes, nose, mouth, moustache, whatever pieces go with your chosen figure from the sticker sheets and stick them on.

Get some scissors and cut out the tail, ears, feet, hat or antlers and stick on with glue.

Ta-Da! Behold your Snowman present / Nutcracker gift / Christmas tree 3-gift surprise.

There are enough sheets of wrapping paper, stickers and cut out features in each pack to create 6 awesome festive figures for the whole family. Just wait and see the look on your sister’s face when you whip these out this Christmas! Everyone will love them so much, they might not even want to open them!