How to wrap a gift

How to wrap a gift

Here at luckies we’re all about the exciting and unusual, not the mundane and everyday. So we’re not going to show you how to wrap up a gift the normal / boring way. We’re going to show you how to wrap up a gift in an extraordinary way turning it into an adorable animal or a cool robot.

Birthday presents can suddenly be transformed into fun and quirky gifts themselves that will wow anyone who receives them.

So here is our guide on how to wrap a birthday gift into a cute little creature with our Animal Gift Wrap or bring someone’s Christmas gift to life with our Robot Gift Wrap.

You will need:

A gift
A box
Some glue
Animal Gift Wrap or Robot Gift Wrap

Choose which animal or robot you’d like to turn your gift into. We’ll choose the Tiger for now who we’ll call Terence.
Put the gift in the box and wrap the box with the paper provided.
Choose the eyes, nose, mouth, maybe even teeth from the sticker sheets and stick them on.
Get the scissors and cut out a tail, ears, feet, fins, wings, flippers or hooves (or arms, legs, cogs and wheels if making a robot) and stick on with glue.
Voila! Give your Terence the Tiger, Lucy the Elephant or Annie Automation to your friend and watch their eyes pop. They might not even want to open their gift at all!
Start all over again with another gift.

You’ll never need to ask how to wrap birthday presents again!

Each set comes with 6 different designs so you can make a whole host of crazy characters; Terence the Tiger for Thomas’ birthday, Keith the Koala for Katy’s leaving gift and Annie Automation for Abigail’s Christmas present (or you can call them whatever you like!)

Keep these sets handy in a drawer and you’ll never be caught short for children’s birthday parties. Or you could make a different one for each of your family this Christmas.