Birthdays are an important celebration, so it stands to reason that those looking for a gift for someone special in their life want to ensure that the gift is both personal and practical.

Although there can be some choice on the high street, more often than not, the masses will search online for a gift that’s a little more unique and unusual.

However, even this can be time-consuming if those searching for birthday present ideas aren’t sure which website they should use when purchasing a gift.

As well as ensuring the gift is of high quality, those searching for birthday present ideas also must ensure that the delivery time is suitable, otherwise, they could be receiving a gift after the event.

GiftLab understands the frustration that many must face when finding the perfect birthday present, which is why it offers a vast selection of gifts and gadgets that are perfect for any occasion, including birthdays.

Camera Light

Are you searching for a gift for a budding photographer? Or maybe your friend is something of a Snapchat fanatic?
Whatever their interests, it’s hard not to be impressed by this retro-inspired Camera Light.

The Camera Light uses the shutter button as an on/off switch, and users can enjoy 12 hours of lighting from a four-hour charge.
Everything needed is included, so the person receiving the gift can create ambience and nostalgia with the flick of a switch.

Adventure Journal

If the person you’re buying a gift for is something of a seasoned adventurer, then why not offer a birthday present that fits into their interests?

As the name suggests, the adventure journal is designed for those who enjoy the more natural aspects of the world as opposed to the tourist traps.
As well as being able to capture notes and experience, there are eight mini Scratch Maps included that enhance the user’s experience.

Everyday journals can be boring and limiting. The Adventure Journal has been designed to capture memories and keep them for years to come.

Rocket Planter

Those with green fingers will always be looking for different ways to display their efforts, be it around the home or in the garden.
Rather than conform to the dull and lifeless design of everyday planters, the Rocket Planter looks to add some fun and personality when it comes to working with plants.

Emulating a space rocket that’s nose-dived into the surface, those receiving the gifts can present plants in a fun and innovative way.
Plants that emulate the flame design can be used to really complete the look, such as houseleek or a snake plant.

DIY Smartphone Projector

More and more people are relying on their smartphone for everyday tasks, including watching movies and videos.
Although the modern smartphone is capable of a lot, there can still be times when we’re not the most comfortable watching video on a small screen.

The DIY Smartphone Projector not only allows smartphone users to view videos in a much larger format, but the exterior of the projector can be personalised at will thanks to the inclusion of four colourful pens.
This means that the user can personalise the projector themselves, or you may want to deliver your own personalised message.
The DIY Smartphone Projector is one that encourages creativity while still being effective at enlarging images against a white backdrop.

Beer and Cocktail Socks

Nobody likes receiving socks as a gift, right? Wrong! Sure, we can all become a little bored with the boring socks we’ve come to receive in the past, but Beer Socks are a different beast altogether, and only look to bring fun and enjoyment into the otherwise humdrum world of footwear.
Don’t worry, GiftLab knows that everyone has their own favourite tipple, which is why there three different brews to choose from, which are ale, stout and lager.

If the person you’re buying socks for is more partial to a cocktail, then why not consider some Socktails, a visual representation of some of the world’s favourite cocktails including Cosmopolitan, Tequila Sunrise and Mojito.

Eric the Memo Elephant

It’s often said that an elephant never forgets, so the inspired design of this 3D memo board should come as no surprise.

Eric can display several memos and can be wiped away easily when the message has been dealt with.
As well as being a fun addition around the home or office, you’ll be surprised at how much gets done when Eric is around.

Juice Bruce Squeezer

We’ve all seen the latest additions to kitchenware that promise a lot but deliver little.
The Juice Bruce Squeezer proves that if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. This Easter Island inspired design will see lemons and limes squeezed with very little effort.

Perfect for a cocktail night, or just for everyday use in the kitchen.
As well as being a useful piece of kitchenware, the Juice Bruce Squeezer also makes for an ideal centrepiece in the kitchen.
AS you can see there are plenty of birthday present ideas available if you use the right platform.

GiftLab prides itself on offering a selection of gifts that suit a manner of occasions and personalities at an affordable price.
What’s more, customers can be confident that their gift will be forwarded quickly, meaning there is no danger of the person not receiving their gift.

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