Introducing: Eggmobile Egg Shaper

Introducing: Eggmobile Egg Shaper

Unusual Gifts for Men, especially gifts for Men who have everything, are nearly impossible to come by. But fear not – we think we have the perfect solution in the form of the Eggmobile Egg Shaper, the mould that turns your eggs into a vehicle -shaped culinary masterpiece. Let’s face it, we all know a car – mad man (or woman) who loves to cook a fry up after a heavy night on the town, or that special someone who likes to think they are the next hybrid of James Martin meets Picasso.

Let us introduce your latest Kitchen must -have – the Eggmobile Egg Shaper. These vehicle shaped egg moulds come either as a camper van, pick – up truck or bubble car. So whether you want to create a scene from your favourite movie over breakfast or pretend you’re on an edible road trip, don’t forget to show off your artistic flare on Instagram. All hipsters do. #eggart

How does one turn their egg into a piece of art? Simply place the Eggmobile in the pan and pour your eggs into the mould. We didn’t say it was difficult to become an egg legend…

A great gift for your boyfriend and best friend alike, Eggmobile Egg Shaper will also ensure that you are given a good hearty breakfast whenever you stay. Kitchen gifts for the win.


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