Introducing: Party Cups

Introducing: Party Cups

Monday morning, 10.02am. The weekend seems so far away we could cry into our cold brew. Tuesday morning, it’s crippling. Wednesday/hump day/it’s-not-close-enough day. Thirsty Thursday, at least we can drink to numb the pain. Then finally, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for…FRI-YAY!!!! If like us you’re TGIFing so hard you make Katy Perry’s hit sound like a slow jam, what better way to celebrate the weekend than by throwing a house party? We’re talking Zac Efron, meets Project X, mixed with a few other American High School movies type house party. And what does an American High School movie house party need besides jocks with daddy issues? Well friend, the answer is Party Cups.

But before you get any Ideas about boring red Party Cups, our Party Cups have a twist. Literallyyyyyy. Each pack contains 12 paper cups in 3 different colours. Each paper cup has 4 faces on it and here’s the best part, each pack comes with 12 different character design wraps. Still with us? What it means is that you can create up to 48 different cup designs by slipping the character wraps on to the cups and twisting them round until you get the expression you want. So if Zac Efron is looking a little worse for wear, you can give him his drink in a nauseous pirate cup or if you want to swill an ex-boyfriend, pour salt in the wound by doing it with a giggling nerd cup.

With throwing a house party comes great responsibility. Does the dip compliment the crisps? Is the playlist edgy in an ironic way or a try-hard way? And the most important responsibility of all, dealing with ‘the lurker.’ Found at any party, the lurker is never out of sight and has a tendency to creep up when you least expect it. Usually the lurker is harmless, still, you wouldn’t want to mistake your Hendricks gin, cucumber (sliced with Cucumbo obvs..) and Fever-Tee tonic for his bog standard g&t would you? Well, not to the state the obvious but Party Cups also work as drink identifiers, just so you know…

Need a cool gift idea for a friend who is off to uni? Party Cups will do the trick. Once they turn up to Freshers’ week with these they’ll be a BNOC (that’s big name on campus for those over you over 35) in no time…


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