Introducing: Party Straws

Introducing: Party Straws

Pre-party nerves. Everyone gets them, even P.Diddy before his annual white party. What if no one turns up? What if no one likes the ironic Spotify playlist you spent all week curating? What if your work crush gets with Becky from accounts instead of you? Well friend, we can’t stop the Office dreamboat getting with the object of your affections but we can help with the party details because let’s face it, you’ve got to lay some solid foundations if you want people to still be talking about your epic party in six months time. And that’s where Party Straws come in.

A pack of straws with 24 straws and 24 pop-out card mouths, Party Straws add some comedy value to even the most trendy of parties. Ranging from Kylie Jenner-esque ‘pucker-up’ lips to a huge toothless grin, there’s a pop-out mouth for all those different party emotions. Trying to scare off the lurker? Wack out the brace face lips. Trying to convey your utter shock when your friend starts a story with ‘remember when you…’? Grab the gasping lips. Trying to score a date? There’s a pop out mouth for that too.

But Party Straws aren’t just for expressing the roller-coaster of party emotions. They work really well as drink identifiers too because was it just us, or did you see that guy next to the pool table being sick into his cup too? Nice.

Need a cool gift idea for a friend’s house warming party? Turn up with Party Straws. They’ll be so stoked (mainly because you’re helping keep the rims of their brand new Anthropologie glasses clean) you may even dodge the after party clean up. If you want to secure the cleaning dodge, double up your house warming gift and bring Party Cups too. Winning at life.


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