Introducing: Pocket Tin Speaker

Introducing: Pocket Tin Speaker

Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect portable speaker – ready to set the mood with your choice of tunes any time, any place. We’ve all been there – you’re with a group of mates, you’ve had a couple of beers, you’re in the mood for an impromptu party. And whilst you’re doing your best to crank the heat up by singing the latest Beyonce song with all the gravitas you can muster, you’re just not doing it justice…

Let us introduce your musical saviour – the Pocket Tin Speaker by Luckies. This compact and portable speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket, but loud enough for an instant dance party. So whether you’re feeling frisky in a field, twerking on your table at work, or slut-dropping in Sainsburys, you can always hear music as God intended – loudly, instantly, and out of a portable speaker.

Pocket Tin Speaker is also chargeable by USB lead, so all you need is a universal USB plug, laptop or PC to recharge the batteries you’re laughing. It’s also pretty hardy due to its tough metal exterior, although we wouldn’t recommend leaving it with that one friend who gets drunk and ends up dropping things down the toilet. You know who we mean.

Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect travel accessory, combining practicality with fun – use it to make friends on the train, turn your picnic into a music festival, or just to drown out the sound of your siblings on that annual family road trip to see Grandma… It’s got up to 12 hours playback, so as long as she doesn’t live further than Scotland, you’re good.

But whilst the Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect travel accessory for playing your fave mash ups on the go, we can’t take responsibility for your music choices… if you’re at a Drum n Bass rave and you plug in your Spotify playlist of Justin Bieber’s best hits, don’t blame us when no one accepts your friend requests on FB the next day…