Introducing: Smartphone Projector 2.0 – Black and Gold

Introducing: Smartphone Projector 2.0 – Black and Gold

Ever exclaimed to your friends how you literally can’t wait to watch the latest episode of your favourite series? Make waiting for your Netflix fix a thing of the past with Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0 Black and Gold – a mobile projector that let’s you fashion a portable mini cinema from your mobile phone anywhere, at any time. Not only that, but it’s vintage art deco style means you’ll be super fashionable AND super functional. You’ll just be all-round super.

With a lightweight cardboard frame and design that Jay Gatsby himself would be proud of, not only will you never have to worry about getting all the way home before you can see your fave movies on the big screen, you can now impress your style-savvy friends with your latest gadget – the ‘20s never go out of style after all!

This pretty projector works by magnifying your phone screen by up to 8 times and the good news is… it’s suitable for use with iOS, Android AND windows compatible smartphones. No need for glue or sticky tape this glitzy number comes ready assembled. So whether you’re resting up in a hotel room, been nominated as chief entertainment officer at a party, or at your mate’s house and they’ve got no TV (we know, right?), you’ll never be without your classic film collection again. So kick back, bust out the popcorn and wait to be inundated with friend requests once news spreads that you’ve started your own portable movie business.

All you need for your projector to work is a wall (white and plain works best – unless you’re happy to watch Lock Stock with a ‘rose-garden’ tint), and a phone at 100% brightness to stream your movies from. So now you can be set up and watching your fave films as quickly as you and your boyfriend can agree on a movie…

The iPhone projector is a perfect gift for those gadget obsessed friends, and can be used for more than just home movie nights – project images from the roaring 20’s onto the wall during a fancy dress party, watch YouTube fail videos in your bedroom with friends or set the mood with some ambient visuals on a dinner date!

Please note this is a fun gift – don’t take it to an interview to wow potential bosses with your latest Powerpoint show. Also, it works by reflecting your phone image through a glass lens which means text appears backwards – so maybe lay off the French art house, unless you’re fluent in back-speak!


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