iPod Hoodie cover

iPod Hoodie cover

Hoodies ipod cover – The Protective Cover for ipods, iphones and mp3 players

‘Hoodies’ get a lot of bad press. People are generally scared of gangs of pale looking characters eyeing them up in shopping malls, hiding behind their hoods. Forget all that – the hoodies ipod cover is here to change your opinion by looking so cute. They’re covers for an mp3 player, ipod or mobile phone. Available in 2 sizes, Hoodies not only protect your technology, but look pretty damn good at the sam time. The Hoodies ipod cover – Classic is available in grey and fits the Ipod classic, Ipod touch, Iphone and various other MP3 players and phones.
H:17.5cm (including hood) x w 7cm.

“50 Essential iAccessories: One possibly to avoid giving David Cameron as a pressie, have your iPod or iPhone hugging a hoodie with these nifty little cases. Available in two sizes you can have your iPod looking like a youngster camped outside a petrol station each time you pull it out of your pocket.” T3.com Read the review by clicking here


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