Keepsake Box, protect and preserve mementos

Keepsake Box, protect and preserve mementos

Treat your memories the way they deserve with the ultimate retro keepsake box

Keepsake Box

We all collect precious things, whether it’s photos, important notes, mementos, souvenirs, concert tickets, wedding favours, and so on, but we don’t always know what to do with them. Often they get relegated to shoe boxes or drawers and then forgotten. However, that doesn’t need to happen anymore, as you can give your precious things the home they deserve with this wooden Keepsake Box from Luckies of London.

This simply beautiful keepsake box has containers inside it so you can not only store your memories but you can also keep them safe and well organised. Whether you want to put photos in them, buttons, love letters, favourite poems, Polaroids or your holiday mementos you can now have a place to keep them and enjoy.

As much as everyone will want their own Keepsake Box, it also makes a truly unique and thoughtful gift for just about anyone. It is especially wonderful, for a new baby, as an unusual wedding present (it definitely beats a toaster), or as present for someone going to university or embarking on a new chapter in their lives. We all collect trinkets on our travels or mementos throughout life, making this wooden Keepsake Memory Box a wonderful gift to give to just about anyone.

The Keepsake Memory Box contains a tube, metal tin, notebook, kraft envelope and tags everything has a unique storage option and place to remember why they are so special. It’s such a wonderful way to be able to organise your memories, incredibly innovative and unique.