Lucky 7 Pool Ball Candle

Lucky 7 Pool Ball Candle

Lucky 8, the coolest candle holder this side of the 80’s from Giftlab UK

LUCKY 8 Ball Candle Holder is so flippin’ cool that it hurts. And it’s recycled too. These authentic American pool balls have been, chopped and drilled so they stand and firmly holds a candle when one way, and a tea light when stood the other. Oh yeah, on top of that, we put it in the coolest looking box in the history of boxes, sell it at a pocket friendly price, and there you have it – an absolute corker of a candle gift product. As you may have detected, we love the LUCKY 8 Ball Candle Holder.

Genuine, used-in-an-American-pool-hall pool ball (eco-friendly)
Multi-functional – holds candles & tealights


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