Luggage Label Stickers

Luggage Label Stickers

For the stylish traveller or fans of retro vintage style travel accessories.

You can make even the most boring suitcase into a beautiful, stylish unique travelling companion with these stylish luggage label stickers from Luckies of London. Perfect for any stylish traveller, the Luggage Label Stickers are also a fabulous gift for any globe trotter in your life or for the sophisticated traveller.

They are vintage inspired and feature numerous glamorous travel designations, these will not only make your suitcase enviable and attractive, but they will also make you stand out at the airport so you can spot your luggage more easily. The stickers are also easy to remove, so they can be changed around, transferred onto different pieces of luggage, depending on your mood.

The charm is that the Luggage Label Stickers are a modern way of taking your luggage back in time when suitcases told a story about where its owner had been or was going. They also have the added appeal of letting your suitcase stand out on the luggage carousel which, and make them a perfect little gift for any friends or family who have the wanderlust bug.

There are sixteen designs, so for the avid traveller this will appeal, whether they’ve been to New York or Moscow, Istanbul or Japan – there is a sticker to fit. Not only do they look amazing, and give any piece of luggage a facelift but they make a great gift for anyone who loves travel or for yourself if you are setting off to explore any part of the world.

Look like the seasoned traveller, be the seasoned traveller, enjoy your travels with uniquely stylish and personalised travel accessories. This is a great product for anyone who is off to see the world, on their annual holiday or even just those who dream of jetting off around the world.


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