Luxury 64 Page Travel Journal

Luxury 64 Page Travel Journal

A brilliantly innovative interactive travel journal to create a personalised diary of adventures.

If you are a keen travel enthusiast or are looking for unusual gifts for men, maybe someone that’s about to embark on their travels or their holiday, Travelogue Travel Journal from Luckies of London is an essential product for all globe trotters and those bitten by the wanderlust bug.

Far more than a traditional travel journal, Travelogue is the perfect travel companion for when you are planning your trip, when you are on your that trip and when you get home. It will keep you company and then preserve those memories for many, many years to come.

Travelogue is an attractively designed travel journal, with sixty four pages to record all the memories you gather on your trip. It is very high quality and neat enough to slip into your hand luggage so it is always with you. But it is far more than just a travel journal, it also includes travel tips and a checklist for when you are organising your travels. And, the most innovative part of this product is that it comes with eight mini-scratch maps, representing different regions of the world, so you can record the places you visit as you visit them.

If you aren’t familiar with the Scratch Map concept, it is a brilliantly innovative and simple product that works just like a scratch card. Take a coin and scratch off places you go to, so you have a very unique and visual record of where you have been. The Travelogue comes in a cardboard binder, includes a checklist and travel tips, eight regional scratch maps and a sixty-four page journal to write in.

As well as photos and souvenirs the Travelogue scratch map pages and journal combination will ensure that you have a beautiful and unique testimony of all your amazing trips and adventures.