Map Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Map Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

When looking for a gift for a boyfriend, many won’t want to rely on the same old gift ideas.

Despite there being some original offerings both online and on the high street, there are times when a different avenue must be taken to ensure that those looking for inspirational gift ideas are catered to.

Not everyone will consider map gift ideas for a boyfriend, but there are truly some imaginative ideas available when exploring different avenues in relation to gift ideas.

The following is an example of some of the brilliant map gift ideas that make for a perfect gift for a boyfriend.

Adventure Map

Are you looking for a map that has the same sense of adventure as your boyfriend? Then why not consider the Adventure Map as a gift idea for your boyfriend.

As the name suggests, the main focus of the Adventure Map is the venturesome journeys that you and your boyfriend can enjoy, with a list of over 200 bucket list ideas that ensure you and your partner are never lacking inspiration when it comes to new destinations.

The Adventure Map can also be used to keep track of the adventures you and a loved one embark on, simply by removing the gold dots situated on the map.

Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World

Those searching for map gift ideas for a boyfriend may be looking for something more boisterous with a risqué sense of humour will find just what they’re looking for with the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World.

Not one for those that are easily offended, the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World will teach your boyfriend all there is to know about swearing in over 200 different languages.

The design of the map offers a black and white finish with symbols that are synonymous with cursing, with a burst of colour making itself known when a foil panel is removed.

As well as a customisable Scratch Map that can be tailored to show your boyfriend’ adventures, it’s also a map that details the pronunciation of each curse word.

Scratch Map Gourmet

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so what better gift than the Scratch Map Gourmet?

Designed in a similar way to that of a restaurant menu, the Scratch Map Gourmet lists a series of food around the world each time a foil panel is removed.

Whether your boyfriend is a seasoned foodie or is just looking for some inspiration as to some of the dishes that can be enjoyed from around the world, then the Scratch Map Gourmet can hit the spot perfectly.

Scratch Map XL

Although may have asked for a Scratch Map in a smaller form factor, there are also those that are keen to find extra-large versions of the iconic Scratch Map.

Fortunately, the Scratch Map XL offer a size of 84 x 199 cm, making it one of the largest Scratch Maps available.

Although large enough to showcase the countries visited, the design ensures that it doesn’t look overwhelming when on display.

Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition

Ed Sheeran has become one of the most popular singer-songwriters this turn of the century, and how his legacy is continued with the official Scratch Map Ed Sheeran edition.

If your boyfriend can’t get enough of the red-haired artist, then why not consider the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition.

As well as delivering all the accurate information you would expect to find on a conventional map, as well as a slew of facts about some of the countries that have been the inspiration for some of Ed Sheeran’s greatest songs.

Not only can those fortunate enough to receive the Scratch Map find out all they need to know about the world and Ed Sheeran, but they can enjoy scratching the foil panels using the dedicated plectrum that comes complete with the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran edition.

Scratch Globe

IF you’re looking for something a little different to the Scratch Map or just looking for something that can be given in partnership with a Scratch Map, then the Scratch Globe can be the perfect complementing gift.

The Scratch Globe offers all the same features as the Scratch Map, only in a three-dimensional form factor.

Don’t worry if your boyfriend isn’t the creative type, as the Scratch Globe can be put together easily without the need for scissors or glue.

Travels around the world can be still be documented on the Scratch Globe, which can then be displayed anywhere, be it around the home or the office.

When considering gift ideas, the world of travel can offer an abundance of choice, especially when it comes to the original and inspiring line of Scratch Maps.