Memorable gifts for work colleagues

Memorable gifts for work colleagues

Looking for leaving gifts for colleagues? So, your work friend is leaving you, deserting you for ‘pastures new’ and leaving you to fend for yourself against Brenda from HR. But don’t get bitter about it, send them off with some good luck vibes and wish them all the best for their new adventure with our top leaving gifts for colleagues. We’ve got special gifts that say ‘thanks for all the memories’, stationary gifts for them to take to their new jobs and novelty gifts to inject a bit of fun into their departure so it’s not all tears and tantrums and ‘How could you leave meeeee!’.

If you’re looking for cool leaving gifts they can take to their new job, then how about the Brown Paper Bag? Innovative technology meets retro design with this insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening. The tear proof, leak resistant, insulating material called Tyvek will keep their lunch hot or cold (depending on what it was meant to be in the first place!)

Leaving gifts for men should be stylish and functional like ‘The Envelope’. They’ll look like the dog’s you know what’s turning up on they first day with this tech sleeve designed to look like an old fashioned manilla envelope. Or how about something a little less flashy? They can show their new office colleagues that they’re not all work and no play with a fun and quirky gift like our Rainbow Sticky Notes.

If you’re looking for retirement gifts then how about a Framed Scratch Map? Not just a beautiful gift for them to hang on their wall at home and remember all their friends from the office, but it’ll also encourage them not to sit at home drinking tea and watching repeats of NCIS, but to get out there and see the world now that they have the time.

If you’re saying goodbye to someone who’s going off travelling round the world, then how about seeing them off with a Scratch Map Hello. They can use it to create a travel record of their trip and it will also teach them how to say ‘hello’ in over 190 countries so they can get off to the right start with the locals!