Memory box, the wooden keepsake box

Memory box, the wooden keepsake box

We all have a nostalgia enthusiast in our lives. That mate or family member that’s constantly dragging out the embarrassing baby photos, the shells from the 1988 beach holiday, and if it’s your mum and she’s particularly sentimental – the baby teeth. We know at least half of you have found that Malteasers box she has full of your tiny pearly whites.

Well however, weird, wonderful, or truly cringeworthy the memories (and discarded body parts) your retrophile wants to keep, the Luckies Memory Box has been beautifully designed to house your memories and all their accompanying paraphenalia.

The beautifully designed Memory Box includes
A notebook, great for jotting down memorable times, dates, and places.
A metal Keepsakes tin, ideal for coins, shells, and all kinds of tiny holiday finds.
A reinforced paper wallet with a string-tie closure for ticket stubs, ye olde passport photos, and postcards.
Paper tags for labelling your historic treasure.
A glass tube with a screw top great for sand, earth, sea water, or pebbles. Note: We cannot be held responsible for what you mutate in here!

The Memory Box is the perfect wedding gift
The Memory Box is a gift perfect for so many occasions; whether it’s a wedding gift for impending honeymooners, a new baby gift for keeping those important firsts (including but certainly not limited to those teeth), or you’ve got some memories of your own that need cataloguing, this sweet wooden keepsake box has compartments and organisational tools abound that will help you do that.

Even sweeter, buy it as a gift for someone else and fill it with memories before they even open it. We can’t guarantee sobbing and BFF sentiments, but they’d basically have to be a monster not to shed a single tear…