Mother’s Day; A GiftLab’s Recipe for Breakfast in Bed

Mother’s Day; A GiftLab’s Recipe for Breakfast in Bed

Treat your mum to the best breakfast in bed she’s ever had this Mother’s Day by following our fool proof tips and recipe below.

1 . First thing’s first, find a tray to put everything on. You could get a little crafty here and use wrapping paper to jazz it up.

  1. Cut some fresh flowers. If you don’t have any in your garden, hop over the fence and cut them out of your grumpy neighbour’s garden – it’s all for the greater good. Fill an empty jam jar with water and place the contraband flowers in. Much more thoughtful than the petrol station bunch of flowers you were going to get on your way home from work.
  2. Next up it’s time for the fruit platter – your Mum’s got to start her day right by getting at least one of her five a day in! What you’ll need:

1 x Watermelon
1 x Honeydew Melon
1 x Papaya
1 x Lime
1 x Pepo
1 x Cucumbo
Grab Pepo to cut both melons into lollipop shapes. Next up, quarter the papaya and push the pieces through cucumbo to create sprialized shapes. Place all the fruit on a platter and squeeze lime juice on top. It’ll look pretty and it’s tasty – winning all round.

  1. Now it’s time for the Soft Boiled Eggs and Marmite Soldiers. What you’ll need:

 2 x Eggs
 2 x Arthur Egg Cups
2 x Slices of Toast
Marmite (optional of course).
Place the eggs in boiling water for 6 minutes if you keep them in the fridge, 3 to 4 if they are room temperature – set a timer on your phone so you get them out in time! Meanwhile butter the toast and spread a thin layer of marmite on top for a little added zing – but leave off if you know your Mother isn’t a fan of the black stuff. Cut the toast into soldiers, not forgetting to remove the crusts because no one likes the crusts. Once the egg timer is up, carefully take the eggs out of the boiling water and put them inside little Arthur. Crack the top with a spoon so they don’t carry on cooking.

  1. Finally, don’t forget the cup of tea! Show a little extra love by grabbing one of our Baby Nessie Tea Infusers and some of your mum’s favourite loose tea and brew her a cuppa she’ll never forget.