Need cool travel gifts for the design loving creative? Give them a Scratch Globe!

Need cool travel gifts for the design loving creative? Give them a Scratch Globe!

Not sure if you’ve noticed but there are A LOT of travel gifts out there but not that many to appease the design enthusiast. When thinking what to get your creative pal it’s good to think about what they would most likely want from a travel gift. Now, creative heads are hard to get into and to be honest you might not come out alive, so we’ve taken one for the team and entered the maze of creative mess for you…

An opportunity to show off where they have been

I mean this goes for all travel enthusiasts really. If you’ve seen some cool places then you’re going to want to shout about it. Fact. The Scratch Globe is essentially a Scratch Map® map which you then assemble into the shape of a globe. A Scratch Map poster in 3D form if you will. The world map featured on the globe is gold foil coated so all you need to do is remove the metallic layer from all the places that you’ve been so you reveal the colourful and detailed map that sits underneath. However unlike Scratch Map maps, this globe doesn’t need a wall or hanging place, you can sit it absolutely anywhere. Maximum showing off opportunities!

Something that looks pretty damn cool

This is an absolute must have for design lovers and luckily for you this Scratch Globe is an absolute winner on that front. Even if there aren’t many places uncovered this thing looks great. But when there are foil free places in all their colourful glory…100% beaut. Just don’t blame us if travelling becomes an addiction, you’ll want to go on more adventures so that you can remove that foil and reveal those deliciously rich colours underneath!

An element of DIY…

Of course creative types are going to want to get their hands dirty a little bit. This Scratch Globe comes flat packed so assembling it is a fun little craft project for them. No glue or sellotape is required either so it’s simply a case of folding some tabs and slotting each section together! Boom!

Fun craft project for their kids

The self assembly might be something design lovers want to pass on to their kids to make sure those creative juices flow from generation to generation. The Scratch Globe makes for a great arts and craft afternoon with the little ones and they can even start off the big reveal by marking where their first holiday with Mum and Dad was. A fun gift for everyone!