Nessie Ladle Summer Fruits Punch

Nessie Ladle Summer Fruits Punch

As seen on BuzzFeed and Gizmodo, Ototo’s Nessie the Ladle is back and this time she’s got company! Here at Luckies, we thought it was about time our Ness had a break from serving hot soup so we’ve thought up a fun summer fruits punch recipe perfect for cooling down at those summer barbeques and parties. Besides, hailing from bonnie Scotland, our Ness is definitely used to a cooler conditions…

You’ll need:
A punch bowl/bucket (we’ve used a vegetable drawer out of the fridge in the past, so no judgement), basically anything big enough for Nessie Ladle to dip in and out of.
Nessie Ladle in the colour of your choice.
2 x cups strawberries
2 x cups apples
1 x cup blueberries
1 x cup oranges
2 x cartons of cranberry juice
1 x bottle of lemonade (if you’re feeling patriotic for ol’ Ness you can substitute lemonade for Irn Bru)
1 x large bag of ice
Mint leaves for garnish
Alcohol of your choice. We recommend rum, vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey…Nessie isn’t fussy, just don’t blame us if she starts to sway.
Chop the fruit into small pieces and throw in the bowl/bucket along with the ice, lemonade, cranberry juice and alcohol of your choice. Stick some glasses in the freezer (BUT ONLY FOR A SHORT WHILE!) until frosty, add Nessie Ladle into the mix and start serving! Oh and don’t forget to garnish with those fancy mint leaves…

For extra party kudos, why not freeze the chopped up fruit the night before and use it instead of ice? You could even give it a tropical twist by using mango, watermelon, kiwi and pineapple! Don’t forget to pick up one of our Smartphone Speakers though because what’s a barbecue without some summer tunes? We recommend Summertime by DJ Jazzy Fresh & The Fresh Prince…


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