New Home Gifts

Find cool, stylish well-designed new home gifts for any new home buyer.

Have your friends recently moved into a brand new home and you need an excuse to go and have a little snoop around and see what all that building work was about, and if they really have extended into the loft and what colour walls they have and how many bathrooms..? Then how about taking round a new home gift? Or perhaps you’ve been invited to the housewarming party and can’t turn up empty handed? Either way, we’ve got plenty of home accessories, kitchen gadgets and unusual housewarming gifts for you to peruse and find just the right thing.

A housewarming gift is traditionally something for the house but it can be so much more with a gift from our Scratch Map Range. For instance; our Scratch Map Deluxe makes a stunning piece of art work for them to hang on the wall in their lounge or study, but it’s also a wonderful travel gift for anyone who loves to travel. They can scratch off the countries they have visited to create their own personal travel record. And the countries left unscratched will be a constant inspiration for new travel adventures.

We’ve got plenty of quirky kitchen accessories which make fun housewarming gifts, such as the Nessie Family Gift Set; a colander, ladle and a tea infuser, all in the shape of Loch Ness Monsters! Or Chill Bill; our cute penguin shaped odour absorber to go in their new fridge. Or how about Big Foot; our Big Foot or Yeti shaped salad tongs?

Another thing that may be useful for a new home is a corkboard or chalk memo board, these everyday gifts for new home owners are jazzed up to make unique new home gifts with our Corkboard Map and Chalkboard Map. Now they can make notes and keep track of important documents whilst plotting any future trips around the world they might have.

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