Novelty post it notes for the home or office

Novelty post it notes for the home or office

Fill your Office with colorful reminders, and keep your home running like clockwork with these practical post it notes and notelets with fun designs to brighten up your day. If you have a well earned day off, you can enjoy it more with a free mind, so getting organized and writing memos and reminders is the best way and with the help of these bright buddies, your home and office is sorted.

City Notes
If you want your message to stand out from the crowd, then choose these city silhouettes in bright shades and get your message across in style. Choose yellow for the skyline of Paris, blue for New York or red for London, and bring some excitement to your daily chores or office to do list. The perfect pad to scribble down reminders and stick to anything you like. View City Notes in detail here.
Rainbow Notes

These colorful sticky notes arched like a rainbow are a great novelty addition to home or office to help organize and remember where you are up to. Stick the different colored memos across the top of folders so they just peep out along the top keeping things indexed at a glance for a smooth operation.
Bianca Hippo Memo Holder
Don’t go tearing up scraps of paper, and corners off bills, trying to find space to write urgent messages on. This great design idea is the perfect space saving, hands on memo notes and are all waiting nice and tidy. Shiny black Bianca looks great on any desk or counter with memo paper on her back and her mouth opens to stick your written message memos in, for all to see.


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