OMY Colouring In Posters: Perfect Rainy Day Entertainment for Children

OMY Colouring In Posters: Perfect Rainy Day Entertainment for Children

Here at Luckies we love to welcome the great British summer with its afternoon of blue sky followed by a storm in the night and a wash out week of intermittent showers. Introducing OMY colouring in posters, the perfect rainy day entertainment for children which will turn the rainiest of frowns upside down. Whether it’s a full summer holiday project to get stuck into or something more low key when on the go, we have an array of OMY colouring in posters to keep the kids quiet until the sun kindly puts his hat on.

Just as all children love to be different, so is our selection of OMY colour in posters. OMY Giant Colouring Poster is a hand-drawn poster sized colouring paper available in 13 unique and quirky designs. Got a younger sister you love to dress up as princesses with? She’ll love Magic and Play design as she scribbles in castles and kings. Or perhaps you know a little boy who is counting down the days to the annual family holiday to France? Keep the excitement alive with a Paris design where he can shade in the Seine and gain enough geographical knowledge to become the official family tour guide, “un taxi, s’il vous plait,” said the colouring in obsessed 4 year old!

If the heavens suddenly open just as the children are finishing off their fish fingers then be prepared for the wet-weather option of OMY Colouring Paper Placemats. Let the youngsters get creative playing games and colouring in cities at the dinner table with over 24 placemats in a pack. You can now relax and pride yourself of being the super organised mum who discovered OMY colour in posters and conveniently placed them under their plates when spotting that angry dark cloud.

If however you’ve got multiple rugrats running around and desperately trying to prevent them from tearing up the sitting room then OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL can be ready at the rescue. Perfect for a mass sibling project they can dip into or want to share when school friends are round, this colossal collage measures 100 x 180cm of intricate hand-drawn detail just waiting to be brought to life! Either keep as whole and hang as wallpaper to remember the summer or tear along the dotted lines so everyone can keep a piece of the colour crazy puzzle. And with all OMY colouring in posters, bring them to life with OMY Magic Felt Tip Pens, 16 double-ended, tip pens that come in a variety of bright colours to match these bright designs. With the added bonus of them being erasable, it ensures to keep all water works outside when that daring 6 year old changes their mind about colouring the sea green and grass blue.


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