Perfect Gifts for a Cartographer

Perfect Gifts for a Cartographer

There are times when some of us have difficulty in finding a suitable gift for someone. Although there are quirky gifts available, they don’t always have the personal touch we’re looking for.

As such, we want some that can echo the personality of someone while stay paying tribute to what they’re good at.

As cartographers work with maps on a regular basis, it stands to reason that those searching for gifts will want something original when it comes to suitable gift ideas.

Fortunately, there are several gifts that perfect for cartographers, and make ideal gifts in all sorts of scenarios.

The following is just an overview of some of the inspired and personal takes on the classic map design that cartographers will adore.

Framed Scratch Map Original

The Scratch Off Map Original has been a popular gift idea ever since it was introduced in 2009, and it wasn’t long before a framed iteration of the iconic Scratch Map was introduced.

The map is the same and offers a fabulous white and gold finish that offers something different to the conventional map offerings, but now comes with a premium white frame that allows access to the Scratch Map.

As well as being perfect for any office, the Framed Scratch Map Original can inject more fun into the holiday-planning process as well as offering a novel way of recording the holidays and adventures undertaken so far.

Scratch Globe

The Scratch Globe takes all that is great about the Scratch Map and gives it a three-dimensional twist that will impress any cartographer and can be tailored to fit all types of events.

Like the Scratch Map that inspired it, the Scratch Globe can be used to track and record the journeys made, but this time construct globe that highlights the destinations.

Although the Scratch Globe has to be put together, there’s no need for glue or scissors, meaning that anyone can have access to their own tailored globe in next to no time.

The dimensions of the Scratch Globe are 20 x 20 x 20 cm and is manufactured using laminate and coloured foil.


Looking for something different to a Scratch Map? Or maybe you’re looking for something that complements the gift of a Scratch Map? Then look no further than the Travelouge.

If you’re searching for a gift for a cartographer that likes to make notes or be inspired when travelling abroad, then the Travelouge is the perfect gift idea.

As well as offering 64 pages for all forms of note-taking, there is also a series of travel tips and checklist to ensures cartographers are never caught short when travelling abroad.

Those looking for some inspiration during their travels can make use of the eight miniature Scratch Map cards that come included with the Travel Journal

Adventure Journal

If you’re looking for a journal for a cartographer with an adventurous side, then the Adventure Journal is the perfect present.

As the name suggests, the Adventure Journal is a journal focused on the excitement and offers over 300 experiences that those looking to explore their daring side can enjoy.

The journal itself comes complete with 64 pages, so there’s plenty of room to take notes about the adventures experienced so far, as well as the ones planned.

Adventure Map

If you’re looking to continue with the theme of adventure, then why not gift the Adventure Journal with the Adventure for the ultimate exiting package.

Of course, you don’t have to, as there’s plenty of information to keep even the most seasoned of thrill seekers satisfied.

Even if they’ve tried some of the most exciting experiences in the world, the list of 300 bucket-list inspired adventure will always be able to offer something new that’s just as exciting.

Keeping track of adventure couldn’t be easier, as the gold dots can be removed each time a destination is visited.

Chalkboard World Map

Those searching for a gift for a map maker that needs to be more organised, then the Chalkboard World Map could help introduce a new and fun way of working where being proa-active is at the top of the agenda.

The Chalkboard World Map is made from cork and chalkboard vinyl and can be sued to take notes, store messages or just display photographs that celebrate the adventures enjoyed so far.

Stamp Map

Yet another takes on the conventional map design, the Stamp Map offers a unique way of keeping track of travels while staying playing homage to the work cartographer has to carry out.

Measuring 82.5 x 59.4 cm, the Stamp Map allows cartographers to plan their travels with ease, and then update the Stamp Map easily upon their return.

The destination the person wants to visit is stamped with an ‘X’ and the ‘VISITED’ stamp can be used upon their return.

Over time, the Stamp Map can become a memorable keepsake that showcases some of the memorable adventures a map maker has been on.

There is just an example of some of the amazing gifts available for those that make a living from maps but still love the element of fun they can offer.