Chalkboard Piggy Bank

Chalkboard Piggy Bank

A home savings bank with a difference. Most people grew up saving their pocket money in a piggy bank. Often they were used to save for something special. If you are grown-up now, but still like to save your pennies, then CapitaLIST Piggy Bank, the piggy bank with a difference is right up your street.

Ceramic Piggy Bank with unique chalkboard surface
It’s made out of ceramic but is painted with chalkboard paint so you can write on it and then rub off making it re-usable and durable. The Piggy Bank that goes on and on with you and meets your needs as it has a number of uses.

Firstly, use the Piggy bank to save for whatever it is you want. And not only that but you can write the object of your desire to encourage and motivate you to save. It can also give you a boost every time you drop money into it. It helps you  what you are saving for.

If you have flatmates you can use the Piggy Bank to act as a sort of house kitty jar. You can all put money into it, and write on it what joint household products that you need. If you want to you can use it to put your shopping list on and there can be no confusion in the household as to what was needed! No more arguing over milk.

Use it to encourage children to save their pocket money. They can write the name of what the want onto the piggy bank, whether it’s a Pony or a BMX and this little chalk board piggy bank will encourage them to save up their pocket money.

Or you can simply turn the CapitaiLIST Piggy Bank into your very own work of art but drawing the item you are saving for, unleashing your artistic talents. Mainly though, it is a great way to motivate you to save. And when you’ve saved up and splashed out on that weekend away, or trip to the spa you can start all over again!