Say goodbye, farewell, adios to friends moving on

Say goodbye, farewell, adios to friends moving on

And then they were gone….think those cereal chomping office irritants deserve no leaving gifts? Think there are no goodbye gifts that can sum up your excitement at the soon to be odour free hot desk? Wrong. Such gifts exist, and we have those and lots of other cool office gifts for those you are sad to see the back of!

The Envelope

Your former colleague is going to be dragging their laptop from coffee house to coffee house. One of our most useful leaving gifts for him, the Envelope will help them do it in style. This low-key laptop cover will be blowing barista’s away before the ink is dry on their P45.

Brown Paper Bag
Leave one job, start another. There are no new job gifts more useful than ‘Brown Paper Bag’, a cool packed lunch holder. It says I’m thrifty, I’m organized and I’m cool as. Which in short means you’re glad you hired me!

Hologram Viewer
The perfect retirement gift for those who peaked in the 80’s. ‘Stranger Things’ have happened than receiving a 3D message from a former colleague but with our Hologram Viewer, retirement gifts just went there.

Download the app, purchase the gift and send/receive heart warming messages to your past!

Waterproof Notebook

Maybe your desk mate is going on to greater things. Maybe they have been ‘managed out’, or downsized through the back door. If months of pounding the tarmac looking for jobs beckons, then this Waterproof notebook will ensure their information gathering is weather proof. Sometimes practicality is the most important function of any leaving gift! And boy, is this practical as well as cool.

Matchstick Pencils
Stationary thieves come in many shapes and sizes, and there are not enough passive aggressive leavings gifts for her, or passive aggressive leavings gifts for him that really say what you think! So let them know how much their pencil cleptomania has irritated you over the years by sending them off with these matchstick pencils.

Memory Box
Finally, print out your Facebook threads and jot down the jokes your shared before locking them up in this memory box, the perfect goodbye gift for sentimental ex-colleagues.