Say goodbye in style with 3 top farewell gifts

Say goodbye in style with 3 top farewell gifts

Buying a leaving gift can be quite a daunting task. You don’t want to be remembered as the person who said goodbye with a Nandos voucher, or a pair of slippers you’ve almost certainly mentioned not wanting when you came back to work after Christmas. No way. There are classier ways to say adios, no matter whether they’re leaving your shared place of work, living space, or your knitting circle; here’s some ways you can do better…

Under a tenner – Rainbow Notes
If you’re only wanting to get them a small token, and they’re moving to a new work space that’ll inevitably include a new desk, our Rainbow Sticky Notes are just the thing to brighten it up. 250 rainbow shaped sticky notes in 5 different colours, every single one of which will jog fond memories of you. Might we suggest secretly writing something nice in the middle of the block, to instigate added soppiness at leaving you behind.

Globetrotting – Adventure Journal
If they’re setting off for more internationally based pastures new, the AdventureJournal is perfect. Not only can they scratch off their journey as it unfolds on eight miniature maps, but if they’re worried about missing out on all the best bits, the Adventure journal comes with 300 bucket list activities they can (and should!) partake in all across the globe. So they’ll only have you to thank when they’re putting on their wet suit and climbing into the shark tank.

Group Effort – Memory Box
If you’re looking for something that everyone can get involved in, the Memory Box is exactly what you need. Club together with your mates to customise the box and fill it with your favourite memories of your departing comrade. With a tin for small keepsakes, a wallet for ticket stubs and postcards, and a screw top glass tube for holiday sand (or desk crumbs), there’s no way they won’t pull it out from time to time and remember you all fondly.


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